Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is necessary for the health of nearly every tree. It is part of our role in husbandry. Trees tend to become overgrown and structurally unstable if left alone.

Given the proper care, a tree that is correctly trimmed from a young age can outlive its untrimmed counterpart many times over. We take great care to trim trees using proper techniques in order to improve aesthetics, stability and overall health.

We trim trees of all sizes and conditions. Different trees require different types of care. It is extremely important to make every pruning cut in the proper way so as to promote health and not invite infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

To improve stability, prolong life, improve asthmatics and overall health of the tree.

This depends on the species of tree. The most common yard tree in our area has been the fast-growing Soft Maple. These trees benefit from trimming every 3-5 years.

It is very important to trim young trees immediately and yearly in the early stages of growth in order to train it to grow in a way that it can stay healthy and stable for years to come.

Properly pruning a tree is a process that takes time and great care. Few tree services do it well. Properly trimming a large overgrown tree can often take longer than removing it. Most trees can be pruned in a day. A young tree can be trimmed in a matter of hours and sometimes minutes.

Pruning a tree regularly and when it is young is much more effective and efficient. Many thousands of dollars and heartache can be saved if homeowners have their trees trimmed young and regularly.

We often trim some trees and remove others on the same property. We are happy to offer consultation when a customer is unsure whether to trim or remove a tree.

Most trees do best when trimmed in the winter. Fall and early spring are also good times. For example, oak trees cannot be trimmed before October. We are happy to discuss the best tree trimming schedule for your trees.