Stump Removal

Stump removal is often accomplished by grinding the stump out of the ground. This can be a messy process that takes special care to execute properly. We provide the skills and care needed to avoid damaging property, buried utilities or equipment.

Many people are just now beginning to offer stump grinding services on the side. At ABLE Tree Service, our operator has been grinding stumps for over 10 years. We offer competitive pricing and work within your yard space to grind out stumps very thoroughly. Unless otherwise directed, we fill in the hole when we are done and seed it down. It’s important to note that freshly disturbed soil settles over time. We mound up the soil to allow for this unless otherwise directed.

Frequently Asked Questions

A small stump can be ground in under an hour. Larger ones may take over an hour.

We often remove trees and stumps on the same day. Contact Us today to tell us about your needs.