Emergency Services

Emergency tree service qualified as a situation where a tree is impeding the function of your life. Often after a storm, people find themselves needing immediate assistance to remove a fallen tree. A tree on a house, a car, blocking a driveway or damaged and hanging over a trafficked area are common examples of tree emergencies. We are ABLE to help customers with these types of issues on very short notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our regular service area is within 25 miles of Dakota MN. However, we have done jobs well over 100 miles away. For a mileage fee will travel great distances to help someone in need.

We will take any job we can do safely and legally which is almost everything. Anything within 10ft of a high voltage powerline is required by law to be trimmed only by a power company or its certified contractors. We have the equipment and expertise to handle many jobs. From time to time we will bring in large equipment such as lifts or cranes.