Tree Removal

Tree removal service means different things to different people. No matter what your tree removal involves, we cater to your needs. Throughout the entire process, the tree remains your property to choose what to do with. Many of our rural customers use the tree for firewood. Others request we remove the tree and brush. Unless otherwise directed, we remove all material from the property.

We take the time to carefully rake every yard clean often times leaving it just as tidy, if not more so, than when we started. During the removal process, our team will cut the stump as low to the ground as possible often allowing you to mow right over them. If stump removal is desired, we also remove the stump by grinding it far below the ground and refilling the hole.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most tree jobs can be done in a day. Time estimates will vary depending on how many trees are involved and how technical the job is.

At ABLE Tree Service, we use as little equipment as is reasonable. This means we can often avoid putting heavy machinery on customers’ properties. Our tree removal company is one of a limited number of tree services in the area with a tree climber on staff. Most of the material is moved by hand. We bring a wood chipper and a truck to most jobs.

When we work with large trees we may bring a low-impact loader. Our equipment includes an economical custom-made stump grinder. We also have a crane on our truck that will lift 5000lbs and often allows us the option to not bring a loader onto the property. When needed, we use lifts and full-size cranes. It’s hard to “stump” our tree guys!

It is almost unheard of for ABLE Tree Service to turn down a job. Some jobs become so involved that they become cost prohibitive for some customers. We are open and honest with our customers and endeavor to educate them about the process.

A tree does not need to be dead to be removed. A tree that is posing a danger, damaging a home or structure, has outgrown structural integrity or just isn’t desirable to a property owner for any reason can be removed. We often encourage property owners to plant trees when they have them removed. It is important to select the proper species of tree and to plant it in the proper location. We are happy to assist people in making these choices.